Introduction of the company LB MINERALS

LB MINERALS, s.r.o. is integrated into the LASSELSBERGER grou­p.

Introduction of the company LB MINERALS

The wide spectrum of this company ranks it about the most important suppliers of raw materials in the Central European region.

LB MINERALS, s.r.o. is engaged mainly in mining, treatment and processing of kaolin, clays, feldspars and aggregates. It also ensures selling other own products, such as filter kieselguhr, litter and plasters.

At the present time LB MINERALS manages 41 mining areas in the Czech Republic and as a result can offer its clients a wide range of raw materials that can be utilised in many industrial branches.

Kaolins are the best-known products of LB MINERALS. These are supplied as ceramic and mixed sanitary, which are used in the ceramics industry in production of wall and floor tiles and sanitary ceramics. Another very important use of kaolin is during manufacture of paper, colours and paints, plastics, glues and cements and also medicaments in the pharmaceutical industry. The production of ground kaolins for manufacture of glass fibres has recently seen dynamic growth, connected with their application as new material ranging from the automobile industry and ending with packaging technology. The company LB MINERALS is one of the most important suppliers in Europe in this field.

Apart from kaolins, which dominate the range of products of LB MINERALS, other products such as clays are also important. For example heat resistant clays, which are used to make ceramic floor and wall tiles, fired roofing tiles, electrical porcelain, utility ceramics and chimney inserts. Faience porous clays are used to make electrical porcelain, porcelain and medical ceramics. Use of foundry clays is chiefly known in traditional engineering branches during manufacture of foundry moulds, as a part of the forming and sealing material.

Feldspars, which are used chiefly during manufacture of glass, ceramic sintered tiles, sanitary ceramics, porcelain, glazes, enamels and frit, also have an important role in the range of supplied raw materials.

Production of aggregate and sand plays a continuously more important role in the range of products, with the most dynamic development being achieved in this field throughout the duration of the Lasselsberger company’s acti­vities. The original concept of aggregate and sand existing as a by-product, which originates during production of kaolin and feldspar, has been transformed into full value products and this means that their quality and supplied parameters are precisely adapted according to the customer’s re­quirements. Aggregate and sand is used chiefly for production of transport concretes and concrete pieces, including manufacture of pre-fabricated types of porous concrete, concrete parts and pieces, concrete roofing and asphalt mixtures, which are chiefly used in construction.

In the future the chief objective of the company LB MINERALS is to ensure required supplies of raw materials that are continuously improving in quality for all customers, today and tomorrow. The objective is to maintain the company’s important position on the market and conform the intensive development of new products, chiefly based on mixed materials to this standing, with emphasis on not only attaining the required parameters of the supplied raw material but also optimising the use of natural resources.



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