The sustainable development strategy in the company LB MINERALS

The company LB MINERALS, s.r.o. decided to adopt and enforce compliance with the principles of sustainable development and fully integrate these principles and reflected in its long-term strategy and vision development. Of course, as with any business entity must be our vision based on efficiency, sustainable profitability, focus on the interests of customers and growth based on profit making. In addition to this pillar, however, we do not want to miss the next two basic principles SDS, and environmental responsibility and social development. Sustainable development means for us not only to focus on the economic results of the business, but also to take into account the needs and interests of our employees, business partners and its surroundings. Sustainable development is therefore not understood purely as a responsibility to the environment, but a wider responsibility to society. With the support of the owners and top management we integrate these principles into all company strategy as a business strategy, production and investment strategies, human resource management and occupational safety, environmental protection and TQM. An integral part of the overall management system and society is also the integration of corporate culture, some form of ethical code of conduct and anti-corruption.

The achievement of these objectives is not easy, especially with the knowledge of the current economic stagnation, especially in the construction sector of the economy. Therefore, our aims and objectives in other chapters of this company strategy have been involved into the short-term (1–2 years) and long term (3 –10 years) tasks. Their fulfillment is and certainly will be very demanding, often difficult due to some legal uncertainty generated by the state, e.g. in the mining and energy sectors. We are fully aware of the difficulty of tasks and their risks.

On the other hand, it is also a challenge and a commitment to continue in more than 130-year-old, successful entrepreneurial tradition of our ancestors.

Individual partial strategies and challenges have been analyzed and defined in the following chapters. The international standards of facts GRI and their identifiers have been taken into account in determining both short- and long-term goals and objectives.

I would like to thank everyone who supports our company in achieving this vision, to our customers, suppliers and partners. Special thanks belong to our employees who fulfill these tasks and strategies by their daily work and who enable the company to meet its commitments to build a sustainable future, even in these difficult times.


Ing. Ladislav Matoušek
Executive Director


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