Our products usage

Our products are used in a number of areas, not only in industry, but also in everyday life.

Did you know that …

… We supply basic raw materials for the production of ceramic wall and floor tiles in the group LASSELSBERGER and their annual production corresponds to the cycle track along the equator (about 40 thous. Km) with a width of about 1.5 meters

… Almost every car produced in Europe contains around 20 kg of kaolin processed in the company LB MINERALS

… In each wind turbine manufactured in Europe there is around 2–3 tons of kaolin processed in the company LB MINERALS

… Company LB MINERALS manages one of the three largest mining sites for the extraction of kaolin in the Central Europe

… In every third of fourth ceramic chimney liner made in Europe, there is a clay mined in the company LB MINERALS

… Perhaps even your beer was during its production filtered by the means of filter kieselguhr supplied from the company LB MINERALS

… Cat litter used throughout Europe contains kieselguhr and bentonite, perfectly absorbing odors, from LB MINERALS


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