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The penetration of filtered substance through the kieselguhr is one of the most widespread ways of filtration in the food-processing industry. Due to unique deposit of kieselguhr, which was formed in the Tertiary from the siliceous shells of dead freshwater diatoms (diatomacei) in the České Budějovice basin, our company became important supplier of filtration kieselguhr from 1977.

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Filter kieselguhr is mostly used in food-processing industry at beer, wine and fruit juices filtration. It is also used in dairy farming, starch manufactures, cleaning plants, fat and paper industry, as filler in paint production, varnish, epoxy gum, buffing and cleaning compounds, in pharmacy and agriculture as chemical substances carrier. Wide application field of kieselguhr is enabled by exceptional properties of this raw material, which are above all low apparent density, great adsorbing surface, fineness and health safety.

Filter kieselguhr produced in Borovany plant is suitable for all types in the world used alluvial filters. We offer complete range of kieselguhr of very good quality, from rough brands of F 100, F 70, F 60, F 50, which have the highest filtration speed and they are used mainly for basic silt, over medium rough kieselguhr F 25 till very fine brands of F 15 and F 10, suitable for dosing, which with correct use provide high clarity of the filtrate. Kieselguhr F 4 is mainly used for production of filter desks.

Forwarding possibilities:

All types are packaged into paper bags, stored on EUR palettes and wrapped by a flexible foil. Filter kieselguhr can be filled into big bags.

brand name:   F 4, F 10, F 15, F 25   F 50, F 60, F 70, F 100
quantity:   15 kg/paper bags   20 kg/paper bags
number:   36, 42 or 45 pcs./pal   33 pcs./pal
weight:   540, 630 or 675 kg/pal   720 kg/pal

Technical data sheets for individual products will be provided upon request.

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